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Weight-Loss Pellet services offered in St. George, UT

Overcome Weight Loss Struggles

Naltrexone in a sustained-release pellet form may be a beneficial add-on therapy for your weight loss journey. Naltrexone can increase Dopamine levels in the brain and reduce overactive hunger cravings. Naltrexone also reduces your desire to overeat or snack. Naltrexone may even help reduce thoughts of overeating or even impulsive eating.

Why Weight-Loss Pellet therapy?

Naltrexone in Pellet therapy can increase your chances of success by giving you peace of mind, knowing that you will have safe and effective levels of medicine in your system for 10-12 weeks. 

  • The procedure is simple and takes around 15 minutes.
  • The pellets are placed under the skin and slowly break down, giving you a sustained release benefit.

Benefits of Weight-Loss Pellet Therapy

  • Implanted naltrexone helps any motivated person
  • Naltrexone acts as a platform for recovery and reduces cravings and relapse, all while increasing self-control.